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Map of italy near pompeii for Rosen, Public Finance (McGraw-Hill, 2000). SUSAN DADRES SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY public goods IF COMMODITIES USED BY one person do not preclude use by other persons (non-rivalry in consumption), then those commodities are public goods. A second characteristic associated with public goods is that they are non-excludable, meaning that it is not possible to prevent individuals from using the good. A good that is both non-rivalrous and non-excludable is called a pure public good. Classic examples of pure public goods include good air quality, national defense, or roads: The benefits of these goods can be enjoyed by anyone without lessening 688 public goods the enjoyment by others. At the same time, it is difficult to impossible to exclude someone from using these goods if they are there. Pure private goods, on the other hand, are both rivalrous (depletable) and excludable: A can of soft drink consumed by one person cannot be consumed by another person; furthermore one must pay for the beverage in order to consume it. Map of italy near pompeii 2016.

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