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Map of italy maranello 2 for The quantitative aspects of information is essential to optimize the chances of successplanning 651 ful outcome of the planning decision and the plan. The qualitative aspects of information on the other hand is important in exercising subjectively prudent value judgment with deliberative behavior in the planning process, the plan construct and management of the complex and dynamic social system that requires conscious decision- choice behavior in directing its evolution to a desired end. The information in support of planning may itself be a part of comprehensive planning. In this way, the information system includes the decision agents, the goals and objectives of overall activities of information that include collection, recording, processing and transformation of the information into knowledge that is useful for planning decisions. The knowledge is stored, retrieved and communicated for use in the control decisions required by the prescriptive rules of the plan. The constructed information basis in support of the planning and plan will include past, present and future information. The past is linked to the present and the present to the future through the techniques of forecasting, estimation, prediction, interpolation, and others. Map of italy maranello 2 2016.

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