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Map of italy liguria for An example of a non-economic constraint on ownership would be the legal prohibition of slavery. This law prohibits not only slave ownership, but it also prohibits an individual from selling himself into slavery of his own free will. Thus, we can say that even an individual’s right of ownership of himself is not complete in the modern society (remember that the definition of full ownership includes the right to sell at any price). Military conscription is another example of a legal constraint on an individual’s right to exercise ownership with respect to his own human capital. Just as with the case of high transaction costs making the identity of owners matter, truncation of ownership rights also results in changed incentives. For example, a high income-tax leads to less incentives to work, and also to less incentives to invest in education and training. A minimum wage in the presence of a tendency for some employers to discriminate against minorities will hurt the employment prospects of minorities (because they will not be able to offer to be hired at a lower wage to induce discriminating employers to hire them). Map of italy liguria 2016.

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