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Map of Island View on The fact that France has always managed to slowly reposition its economy so that it maintained its relative strength has generated a considerable literature on the French Paradox, for in many ways it does seem strange that a country with a very weak economic base before the 1840s, a large peasantry until the 20th century, and a lack of economic dynamism among politicians or entrepreneurs, should perform so well in the long term. It has been suggested that it was precisely the persistent comparison between industrializing England and stagnant France in the later 18th century that forms the basis of the assumption that France suffered from a structurally weak economy. France 17891848. There seems little doubt that the French Revolutions of 1789 and 1793 altered the structures of French politics and society in a way that served as a necessary precondition for 19th-century economic growth. Even if the Bourgeois Revolution did not finally end monarchic rule in France, or introduce much democracy, it brought to an end the absolute monarchy of the Ancien Rgime and the anachronistic notions of national economic development that had prevailed under that system. Napoleon Bonaparte was able to institutionalize some of the principles of the Revolution, while pursuing his own militaristic aims, through a reorganization of government, the civil service, and the legal system. Crucially, these reforms increased the role of the bourgeoisie in public life. Map of Island View 2016.

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