Map of Ilpendam

File:Map – NL – Landsmeer – Wijk 01 Ilpendam – Buurt 02 Den Ilp …

Map of Ilpendam Photo Gallery

File:Map – NL – Landsmeer – Wijk 01 Ilpendam – Buurt 01 Purperland …


By the time we reach adult life, most of us have developed our own strategies for dealing with our reactions to stress and personal setbacks. We may already know who we can safely rely on for practical help and support; who will take the children off our hands for a bit or listen to us as we work through financial problems and our plans for the future. Our first response to crisis is often extreme: either we bottle everything up. unable to share our pain and confusion with even our closest friends, or we find ourselves talking about our problems almost continuously. A friend described how, after her teenage son’s death in a motor-cycle accident, she had her milkman holed up in the porch for three-quarters of an hour while she obsessively rehearsed all the details of the accident. It is important for those involved in separation to find someone to whom they can talk freely. It is easier to make sense of what has happened when we can tell our story freely, recognizing the strong feelings which were aroused by the events described. It is usually only when we have come to terms with the pain and reached a satisfactory explanation of what has happened that we can relinquish the past and begin to build afresh.

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