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Map of Ilebo on Between the 1930s and 1950s, the GE Credit Company allowed many consumers to acquire the tools of tomorrow on payment plans. During WORLD WAR II, GE pioneered the television station, the first American jet engine, and jumpstarted the field of atmospheric science with forays into rainmaking, or cloud seeding. In the 1950s, GE popularized its innovations in plastics and home appliances. In the 1960s, GE played an integral role, from products to service, in placing the first human on the moon. During the 1970s, GE power sources became a norm for most commercial aircraft. In the 1980s, GE developed fiber optics and began to expand operations into new markets such as the launch of CNBC, a cable news network. GE continues to diversify today with offerings in insurance, finance, and entertainment to supplement its traditional business of power generation and electrical and plastics products. Map of Ilebo 2016.

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