Map of Hong Kong – Lamma Island

Lamma Island

In 30 minutes, you will arrive at Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier at Lamma Island. Go through the village and you will get “Hung Shing Ye Beach” in 20 minutes. At the entrance to the beach, you will find a cafe and a shop, where you can get BBQ charcoal and fires starter. They provide changing and shower room free to the public. A clean BBQ area is prepared at the skirt of the beach.

After swimming and BBQ there, you will walk the trail lying just in front of the BBQ area. Follow the path on the hill and you will arrive at “Sok Kwu Wan”, where you can get a ferry towards Central Piers at Hong Kong Island. You can also take a lunch at the legendary seafood restaurant of “Rainbow” there.

If you have time, taking a 30-minute-walk from Sok Kwu Wan is strongly recommended to Mo Tat Wan Boat Quay. There, you can take a “Kai-To”, a traditional small ferry, bound for Aberdeen at Hong Kong Island. Make sure time table at Mo Tat Wan before making decision.

Map of Hong Kong – Lamma Island Photo Gallery

Now, let’s go from Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier to Hung Shing Ye Beach first.

The one-hour-tracking course presents you a fantastic view all the way from Hung Shing Ye Beach to Sok Kwu Wan. A Tin Hau Temple will welcome you at the entrance to the village of Sok Kwu Wan. If you have a meal at Rainbow Seafood Restaurant located at Sok Kwu Wan, you can get free boarding tickets for ferries to Central Piers.

At Sok Kwu Wan, you can choose one kind out of 2 ways for return to Hong Kong Island. To take a ferry departing from Sok Kwu Wan to Central Piers or to go to Mo Tat Wan to catch a small ferry, “Kai-To”, bound for Aberdeen. It takes around 30 minutes from Sok Kwu Wan to the ferry pier at Mo Tat Wan. Before making decision, you have to take into consideration concerning their departure times. If time allows, journey from Mo Tat Wan to Aberdeen by a Kai-To is strongly recommended. You will meet the famous floating restaurant of “Jumbo Restaurant” at Aberdeen harbor. Here shows their time tables again for your decision-making at next post.

“Rainbow Seafood Restaurant ”, a famous attraction at Sok Kwu Wan. You can get free boarding tickets if you have a meal here. Ferry fare from Sok Kwu Wan to Central : HK$21.00 on Mondays to Saturdays. HK$29.80 on Sundays and public holidays. How about to try once even a little expensive? Next are ferry departure time tables of Sok Kwu Wan and Mo Tat Wan.

There are many gorgeous beaches and well-preserved country parks in Hong Kong. And they have 2 kinds of unique food culture. One is “Yam Cha”, “ a ”in Chinese character, which is the traditional breakfast with tea. Normally, Yam Cha restaurants open at 7 in the morning. The other one is BBQ which is much loved by Hong Kongers. To meet the needs for BBQ, Hong Kong government try to preserve many well-prepared BBQ areas at beaches and country parks.

In case of BBQ sites at beaches, BBQ pits, changing and shower room, water supply facilities, waste bins are all free to the public. They provide lighting service at night. Therefore if you go to the beach with some preparation of BBQ items, you can enjoy ocean activities together with BBQ at the same time. In case of country parks, you can also enjoy hiking and BBQ simultaneously. Only what you have to do, is to leave BBQ area as it was.

(BBQ area at Hung Shing Yeh Beach of Lamma Island. It is always preserved clean. For BBQ here, you can buy charcoal at the shop sitting at the entrance to the beach.)

You, as a traveler, may be embarrassed when you hear of BBQ in Hong Kong. However, if you follow how to prepare BBQ items and how to make fire explained in detail by this book, you don’t need to worry about BBQ in Hong Kong.

It’s very simple to enjoy BBQ like a Hong Konger when you are going to swim at beaches or going on a hiking at parks.

Only visit a Wellcome superstore first which is the biggest and common chain store in Hong Kong. You can easily find the red superstore everywhere in Hong Kong. They sell all BBQ items and foods as well. Paknshop, the second largest chain store, is a substitution for Wellcome superstore. However, Wellcome superstore is the best place to buy all items at one time. This book will introduce you a Wellcome shops for each attraction introduce here.

The other one you have to consider is how to set a fire at BBQ pits. It’s simple too. Light on the red part of Fire Starter first and put the starter in the middle of charcoal. Blow or make a wind with a fan and you will get a fire faster. It’s all. Now, let’s take a close look at BBQ items you have to prepare and how to set a fire at BBQ pits.

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