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Map of Hollern on Along the way, GE has been involved in a large number of innovations with over 67,000 patents and two Nobel Prizes in about a century of operation. GE has been responsible for making available a vast array of products, processes, and services. Some of these are the tungsten filaments for lighting that helped bring artificial light to the world as a tool. The man-made diamond, the first television broadcast, the magnetron, the microwave, improved Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and CT scanners, digital x-ray imaging, new plastics, applications in the communication industries, and much more have been spawned in the labs inspired by Edison so many years ago at his Menlo Park laboratory. Some of the most important developments and products include inexpensive light bulbs in 1879; x-ray machines in 1896; the first radio broadcast in 1906; the first electric-generator-propelled ship in 1912; the electric system for the Panama Canal in 1914; and in 1918, the development of the magnetron vacuum tube for control of microwaves, and the first trans-Atlantic radio power generator. During the 1920s, GE scientists designed the sources of power behind record-setting airplanes and racecars, and the first television broadcasts. In the 1930s, GE helped spread electric technology to the home by building power generation systems and home appliances that became standard after the 1940s. Map of Hollern 2016.

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