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Many of the custodial fathers in the Sheffield study had very ambivalent feelings about their ex-wives’ contacts with their children. Although they found it hard to understand how any woman could abandon her children and why the children now appeared to be so unimportant to her, they were anxious that, if she reappeared and began to take an active part in their lives once more, her potentially stronger claim to custody as their mother would eventually prevail. As a result, they did not usually encourage their ex-wives’ visits. They sometimes justified what they were doing with a belief that no normal mother would have left her children in the first place. Women who are facing such difficulties and who also have to deal with their own guilt and sense of failure about leaving their children will probably find it helpful to talk to others in similar circumstances. MATCH, Mothers Apart from their Children, provides a self-help and advice service for them (see Appendix 2).

There are many reasons why divorced fathers lose contact with their children. Sometimes the battle is lost in the first few months. Ex-wives often discourage visits immediately after separation because they cannot bear to meet the father again or because they feel the children need time to settle down. The children themselves may not appear to enjoy their time with their father and are often very upset afterwards, and in this case a gradual withdrawal may seem to be the only solution.

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