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This is a persistent sore of the tongue which may be caused by infection, vitamin deficiency, bad teeth, or a combination of these. Treatment requires the services of a veterinarian.


You should have these examined. They may be cysts, tumors, osteomyelitis, abscesses (and a sewing needle may be involved here). Most of these conditions require an operation of one type or another.

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Within this sample, those women in extremely close marriages experienced the greatest relief from stress because additional areas of the brain were stimulated when they held their husbands hands. So, highly satisfying relationships can be especially beneficial. Physical touch is important, then, and can be maintained with toddlers and older children with night-time massages, hugs, physical play that fathers often engage in, and a hug or pat on the shoulder for older children. The Power of Positive Feelings Happy feelings do not have just fleeting effects but confer long-term benefits as well. Researcher Barbara Fredrickson believes each positive emotion broadens individuals experiences and leads to new capacities and abilities.

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