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Map of Henniker on Frick, Henry Clay 319 BIBLIOGRAPHY. George Harvey, Henry Clay Frick, the Man (Scribner’s, 1928); Martha Sanger, Henry Clay Frick: An Intimate Portrait (Abbeville Press, 1998); Howard Zinn, A People’s History of the United States (Harper Perennial, 1990). CRISTINA ZACCARINI ADELPHI UNIVERSITY Friedman, Milton (1912 ) IN 1976, THE NOBEL PRIZE in Economics went to Milton Friedman, a well-known and well-respected economist, advocate and champion of individual freedom and LAISSEZ-FAIRE policies. For his award, the Nobel committee honored his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis and monetary history and theory, and his demonstration of the complexity of the stabilization policy. Regarded as the leader of the CHICAGO SCHOOL of monetary economics, or MONETARISM, Friedman has for many years stressed the importance of quantity of money as an instrument of government policy and as a determinant of BUSINESS CYCLES and INFLATION. Mixing economics with his social views, he has long supported public policy that favors individual rights. Alongside his scientific work, he found time to write and co-author several books on this subject, produce an ongoing column for Newsweek magazine for 18 consecutive years, and host a television show, Free To Choose, for the Public Broadcasting System. Map of Henniker 2016.

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