Map of heathrow airport

Map of heathrow airport for Musharraf has had difficulty in ending endemic, economic corruption but has been successful in attracting renewed economic aid by fighting terrorism. However, disputes with Pakistan’s largest independent power producer HubCo, the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF), and sanctions for nuclear tests have hurt the flow of investment. Additionally, a tax system overhaul failed to collect $1.6 billion of the anticipated $7 billion in taxes, and led to a general strike by the All Pakistan Organization of Small Traders and Cottage Industries in May 2000. Poverty, healthcare, education and basic infrastructure problems plague 40 percent of the population. Agriculture employs about half of the 38 million workers, producing cotton, rice, wheat, and sugar cane. Textiles are a key export in a trade deficit of about $1 billion. Map of heathrow airport 2016.

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