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Map of Haskerhorne on The improvements are attributed to strong market performance and cost-cutting measures. Earnings were reported at $696 million, compared with $527 million in the third quarter of 2001. BIBLIOGRAPHY. General Motors Corporation Annual Reports, (2002 and 2001); Alfred P. Sloan, My Years with General Motors (Doubleday, 1996). Map of Haskerhorne 2016.

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In the s, economic forces led to severe loss of farm revenues in Iowa; many farmers lost their farms, and related businesses went bankrupt. Researchers recruited a sample of two-parent families with two children, one of whom was a seventh grader and the other, a sibling within four years of age. Researchers observed the psychological and social experiences of the families over a five-year period, with follow-ups for an additional ten years, and developed what they termed the Economic Stress Model ESM to describe parents and children’s psychological reactions at home and at school. Drawing on family stress theory, researchers described the major stressor event as economic loss of farm income that triggered parents individual psychological reactions to the stress, depression, anxiety, anger. Parents distress in response to the event increased marital conflict that in turn affected parents parenting strategies and children’s psychological adjustment.

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