Map of Hargeisa City

Map of Hargeisa City

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Map of Hargeisa City for This was a heliacal rising. Because the comet was visible for so long and moving against the backdrop of the stars, it had at least two heliacal risings in the eastern sky. Babylonian astronomers would have made records of the comet on each of these occasions. However, only the heliacal rising around the time of perihelion was particularly striking and profoundly meaningful. According to our orbit, the comet was within degrees of Mercury in the constellation Pisces from March to , BC, coming to within ? degrees of it on March On March ?April , BC, it came to within degrees of Venus, climaxing at about degree from it on March If it had become visible again by this point, the comet would have made for a beautiful celestial partner for the morning star. Much-later Mandean tradition connects John’s nativity with the appearance of a star that came and stood over Jerusalem Mandaean Book of John, chapter See James F. McGrath’s translation, http //rogueleaf. Map of Hargeisa City 2016.

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