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Map of Gunnebo for String instrument exhibition held every three years In October that also organizes occasional concerts throughout the year. 8270 BRESCIA AND CREMONA CREMONA wedding Cremona was Bianca's dowry San Sigismondo's Mannerist decor is among Italy's best, ranging from Camillo Boccaccino's soaring apse fresco to Giulio Campi's Pentecost in the third bay of the nave, plagiarized from Mantegna's Camera degli Sposi ceiling at Mantua. Other highlights include Giulio's Annunciation on the entrance wall, in which Gabriel is seemingly suspended in mid-air, and the gory John the Baptist in the second left chapel, by Giulio's younger brother Antonio. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE CREMONA By train The station is on Via Dante, ten minuteswalk north of Piazza del Comune; bus 1 runs regularly to Piazza Cavour.

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Map Of Gunnebo

Destinations Brescia (hourly; 55min); Mantua (hourly; 55min); Milano Centrale (6 daily; 1hr 10min). By car Halfway between Milan and Mantua on the trafficy P415, Cremona makes a good place to stretch your legs. It is an easy half- or full-day from Brescia; a speedy drive on the A21 takes 40min. Piazza Lodi has the most central parking. Map of Gunnebo 2016.

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