Map Of Greenwich Park

The Blackheath Donkeys

Leonard Thorne’s family have been providing donkey rides at the main entrance to Greenwich Park on Blackheath for over a hundred years. His daughter Lorraine, who runs her own stables near Sevenoaks, poses, right, with the senior donkey, Humphrey, named after Duke Humphrey’s Tower which stood at the other end of the Grand Avenue until 1675 when it was replaced by the Royal Observatory.

When not tending the donkeys Len writes poetry – reams of it.

Ice cream and donkeys at the main entrance to Greenwich Park on Guy Fawkes Day, 5 November 2011.

At the 2011 Greenwich and Docklands International Festival the British dance theatre company Motionhouse premiered their dynamic spectacle ‘Waiting Game’ featuring acrobats and JCBs. Here, the dancers Vanessa Cook and Junior Cunningham perform perilously with the diggers.

Map Of Greenwich Park Photo Gallery

Space Fiction in the park.

An exotic bird is displayed at Greenwich Pier.

The 2012 International Festival features an epic re-interpretation of the famous Greek myth Prometheus Awakens.

African musicians playing traditional instruments.

The St Albans Morris Men delight the crowd in Royal Place.

The 45-foot-long polystyrene sculpture of a swimmer was commissioned for a reality television show called London Inc in 2010. Its frequent moves around London included a stay at Greenwich.

A traditional cockney Pearly King with matching London taxi cab.

Latin American musicians serenading the tourists.

A busker playing the Irish whistle.

One of many traditional East End jazz bands who come to Greenwich to play for the London Marathon.

The Superior Brass Marching Band performing in the town centre.

A contemporary quartet sponsored by Greenwich Council play at the Park entrance.

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