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Ma of greece for Th e next ste in the ro cess of transformation is demonstrated by two main examles of koans that revolve arond an all- imortant wordlay abot the ngrasable qality of mind One involves Bodhidharma and Hike, and the other involves Deshan and an old woman selling rice cakes on the roadside In both instances, comrehending ersonal Transformation 113 a sbtle verbal sleight of hand regarding mind constittes the radical trnabot moment that is recisely what is needed to attain a sirital breakthrogh Th e fi rst instance is Gateless Gate case 41, Bodhidharma acifi es the Mind, which highlights that Hike’s sdden insight came not from the shocking hysical act of severing his arm bt rather from an nderstanding that followed this drastic action triggered by the fi rst atriarch’s ingenios verbal comment on the natre of mind: Bodhidharma sat facing the wall of his cave Th e second atriarch stood in the snow He ct off his arm and resented it to Bodhidharma bt cried ot, My mind is not yet at eace! I beg yo, master, to bring me eace of mind! Bring yor mind here and I will acify it for yo, relied Bodhidharma I have searched for my mind, bt it is ngrasable, said the second atriarch Ma of greece 2016

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