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Ma of greece islands for According to Chinese Bddhist teachings, everything has Bddha- natre, or the otential to attain awakening A rimary area of controversy concerns whether this qality really encomasses all things As a clmination of extensive debates held dring the early Tang eriod, an eighth- centry Bddhist hi los oher named Zhanran roclaimed neqivocally that Bddha- natre incororates all sentient as well as insentient beings For examle, a 124 dog may have a greater sense of reason and emotions than many creatres, bt even the stone or river demonstrates the sirital qalities of no- mind becase these beings are not thinking or feeling Ninth- centry Sothern school Zen masters inclding Zhaozho did not necessarily accet sch a view of nimeded niversality, which was also refl ected in some of the teachings of the re- Hineng Northern school As an examle of Zen sketicism in regard to niversality, master Weishan was known to say, All living beings originally do not have Bddha- natre, and Nanqan said ironically of hmans in relation to other kinds of sentient beings, If the one making a gift is thinking of giving, he enters hell like an arrow If the one getting a gift is thinking of receiving, he is bond to be reborn as an animal Ma of greece islands 2016

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