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Map of greece 11 for The principal objective for the construction of an information system may be specified as the collection of the relevant and primary data and summarizing it into a form that can serve as a supporting basis for all planning decision. This requires a) the monitoring of the functioning and development of the object under planning where the differences between the actual parametric values and the ideal are recorded; b) collection and storage of the relevant primary information that describes the nature and structure of the plan; c) processing of the primary information, separating relevant from the irrelevant, for the plan; d) distributing the relevant information to appropriate decision units in accord with tasks that they are assigned for implementing the plan; and e) the use of information for the implementation of the optimal decision rules and the management of the function of the plan. The process and the logic of planning as cognitive activities result in the design of planning models. These planning models assume many different forms depending on the subject, potential and the goal. Generally, three clusters of planning models may be identified. They are substantive, contextual and instrumental models of planning. Any of these models may be comprehensive, strategic or tactical depending on the environment, event, interaction and dynamics of the process of change. Map of greece 11 2016.

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