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Golfclub Gut Grambek e.V. golf course: 2 reviews, score 7.2

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Golfclub Gut Grambek e.V. golf course: 2 reviews, score 7.2


In everyday terms, it is children who make a family. Newly married couples are asked when they are going to start a family’; we refer to men with children – but significantly not women – as family men’. By the same token a proper’ family has two parents; the label one-parent family’ makes this very clear. When parents split up, each member of the family group has to come to terms with the changes this separation brings for them.

The vast majority of divorced parents are legally, as in daily life, classified either as custodial’ or non-custodial’ parents according to whether their children are living with them under their care or not. Some of the sections later in this chapter deal with the particular problems of each of these groups, but please do not skip the sections which do not appear to apply to you – many of the greatest problems of divorced parents arise, in part at least, as a result of their inability to understand their ex-partner’s position and feelings about the children for whom they still strive to share responsibility.

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