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Parents but no Longer Partners

and to make friends again. If possible these visits should encompass ordinary everyday life as well as holiday-times, so that the children can take responsibility for domestic chores and go to bed early occasionally as well as being feasted and entertained.

Parents sometimes worry about the way differences between their two homes might affect children who spend time in both, especially if one parent is much more strict than the other. A single mother who feels she is always battling to control her growing children, may feel that her efforts to set high standards of behaviour are being undermined by her ex-husband when their children stay with him. It is worth trying to work out a common policy over important issues, but it is also necessary to remind ourselves that we do not usually worry much when they spend a weekend with friends whose parents have very different standards to our own. As they grow into adolescence and beyond, developing a tolerant understanding of the variety of ways in which adults organize their lives and the ability to work out their own standards will become an increasingly important part of growing up.

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