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In the South there is an intestinal protozoan parasite ba-besia which attacks the blood cells and causes extreme anemia. This protozoan is spread from dog to dog by the brown

dog tick, and to break the cycle and prevent reinfestation, the animal and his surroundings must be rid of ticks.

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It was the discrepancy between what parents thought was the right thing to do with babies and toddlers that produced intense feelings and conflicts. All parents were a little anxious. It was primarily those parents who struggled with additional issues concerning their parents or difficulties in their marriages that had significant problems. In envisioning the kinds of services most beneficial to parents, McHale suggested that interventions to help parents communicate and discuss issues around caring for children would be the most helpful. While traditional home visiting programs improve parent-child interactions and marriage communication programs improve couples abilities to talk about their relationship, neither kind of program targets the ability of the couple to coordinate their efforts and work together.

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