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Map of Gorzuchowo on James J. Heckman, Shadow Wages, Market Wages and Labor Supply, Econometrica (1974); James J. Heckman, Sample Selection Bias as a Specification Error, Econometrica (1979): James Heckman and Burton Singer, A Method for Minimizing the Impact of Distributional Assumptions for Duration Data, Econometrica (1984): James Heckman and Burton Singer, The Identifiability of the Proportional Hazard Model, Review of Economic Studies (1984): James J. Heckman and Jeffrey Smith, Assessing the Case for Social Experiments, Journal of Economic Perspectives (1995). JOHN CAWLEY, PH.D. CORNELL UNIVERSITY Hecksher, Eli (18791952) A SWEDISH ECONOMIST and a very influential thinker of his time, Eli Hecksher was a prolific writer and had to his credit over a thousand publications. Map of Gorzuchowo 2016.

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