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Map of Gonzalez on Ron Zemka and Dick Schaaf, The Service Edge: 101 Companies that Profit from Customer Care (Penguin, 1990); Chris Roush, Inside Home Depot (McGraw- Hill, 1999); Lisa Gibbs, Money (March, 2002). CRISTINA ZACCARINI, PH.D. ADELPHI UNIVERSITY homo economicus TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH AS economic man, homo economicus is the name given to the abstract concept of the human being who behaves in ways typical of mainstream economic models. According to these mainstream models, human actions and choices are motivated solely by the pursuit of one’s own self-interest, and are selected optimally to maximize one’s own level of satisfaction, or utility. The expression homo economicus first appeared in 1909 in the writings of Vilfredo Pareto. Weighing in on a contemporary debate about the proper approach to the study of social science, Pareto proposed that specialized social sciences such as economics should develop by focusing on abstractions from the real phenomena that they investigated. Map of Gonzalez 2016.

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