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Map of Glynco on Reduced transportation costs allowed him to sign into law a significant reduction in postal rates. During his three years in office, the federal budget remained under $50 million, with budget surpluses of about $4 million each year. Fillmore's support for the Compromise of 1850 so outraged abolitionists that the party's anti-slavery faction withheld its support at the 1852 convention, costing him the nomination. Four years later Fillmore accepted the presidential nomination of the American Party (the Know-Nothings), a strong anti-Catholic, anti-foreigner party. Fillmore, however, focused on the need for national unity.

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Map Of Glynco

He lost overwhelmingly. During the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, Fillmore remained loyal to the Union, but strongly opposed many of President Abraham LINCOLN's wartime policies, including emancipation of the slaves. Map of Glynco 2016.

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