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Myths about broken homes abound in many school staffrooms and, I am ashamed to say, sometimes originate from the training courses followed by student teachers, social workers and health workers. Sometimes such labels can be consciously turned to advantage, as one of the teenagers in our radio programmes found. He had been arrested for burglary a year before and he was asked whether he thought his behaviour had been affected by his parents’ divorce:

No, I don’t think it had anything to do with it whatsoever … because the actual divorce was about eight years ago and I hadn’t been in any trouble all through that, till I was sixteen and that was the last time, so I can’t see any relevance to it at all… At the time it just seemed exciting, I didn’t think I’d get caught and at the time it was, well it seemed, good fun. Of course afterwards you’re full of regret and everything, and it hasn’t happened since.

When his case came to court he was surprised to find that

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