Map of Ghargur

You cannot solve the problem by getting rid of the alley cat and buying Junior a fancy cat with a pedigree; he didn’t want another cat, he wanted his cat.

If you’re smart you’ll help Junior to clean up his cat, and teach him to feed and brush it. In two or three months you’ll probably find that his cat is handsome and pleasant and useful.

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Since so many benefits flow from positive feelings, we focus attention on how to nurture these feelings in our homes with family members. Emotional Closeness Parents create closeness when they love the child as a special person and feel the love their child has for them. Dorothy Briggs describes the psychological climate that enables children to feel their parents love: Nurturing love is tender caring valuing a child just because he exists. It comes when you see your youngster as special and dear even though you may not approve of all that he does. Children on holiday are loved simply because they exist no strings attached, no standards to meet.

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