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Map of Francisco Zarco on On the other side, McDonald’s corporation has sometimes been the solvent victim of what could be seen as excessive exploitation from some unsatisfied customers, who, in some cases, picked up any excuse to ask for damages and financial compensation for incidents occurring outside McDonald’s restaurants, such as coffee-burning, car-key losses, and even more surprising claims. What was called the Stella Liebeck Case in the 1990s ranks among the most famous ones: after being burned by McDonald’s hot coffee while in a car, an elderly woman went to court against McDonald’s; after a long mediated trial, she was awarded $160,000 in compensatory damages, and $480,000 in punitive damages. Another much-publicized lawsuit was the McDonald’s fries case when vegetarians’ organizations were granted court approval and compensatory damages because the restaurant chain didn’t specify that their french fries were sometimes made with beef fat and beef flavoring. Hindu groups also said they were offended, because of their religious diet, to eat beef without knowing it when ordering french fries, and asked for compensatory damages. According to CNN Money News, McDonald’s Corp. said it would pay $10 million to Hindu, vegetarian and other groups more than a year after a Seattle lawyer sued the fast-food chain, alleging it failed to disclose the use of beef flavoring in its french fries. Such lawsuits had moved on in the early 2000s to include claims that McDonald’s was responsible for the growing epidemic of obesity in America’s children. Map of Francisco Zarco 2016.

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