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In triangular relationships the one in the middle, who is in transition from one relationship to another, may also experience pressure from his/her lover, sufficient at times to constitute a kind of blackmail. The lover, anxious and insecure, afraid that feelings of loyalty and commitment to family will come in the way of their new-found happiness, may try to force their partner’s hand by threatening to end the relationship. Although the victim of such pressure may respond by reaching a decision and even acting upon it, it will be very different in its consequences from the kind of decision reached by a person who has had the opportunity to think out and accept responsibility for the longer-term consequences. Important decisions should not be hurried, even by the person making them, and this is very hard for all those involved.

Magazine story images of falling in love, leading to getting married associate marriage with new beginnings, the wedding marking the first day of the rest of your life’. Those who remarry are rarely able to mark the beginning of their partnership in this way. Just as it is difficult to decide when a marriage is really over, it is also hard for divorcees to determine when their new domestic partnerships really begin. In future years, there may be some confusion about which anniversaries to celebrate – where, for example, a couple starts living together and then, as commonly happens, one of them later returns home for a period, to give their marriage a

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