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Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 641

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32136 Zip Code (Flagler Beach, Florida) Profile – homes …

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Both now had new partners and she had spent several months with each of them. Each home had its advantages and, although they both wanted her to live with them, they also seemed genuinely prepared to put her needs first. They had tried to talk to her about it but found her unusually incommunicative. She came to my office as it was near her school and as I made her a cup of coffee she asked me very directly why her father had asked her to come and talk to me. Still busy with the coffee, I said I thought her parents each wanted her to live where she would be happiest and that her parents both wanted to know more about how she felt before they decided what was best for her. I thought they wanted me to decide,’ she burst out angrily. I sat down slowly, carefully stirring my coffee. No, I don’t think so, it’s not really your decision. Tom and Anna are still your parents even though they don’t live together… but they do want to know what you feel before they make up their minds … There are a lot of important things

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