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Map of fiji for The price system could work in these instances, but the consequence would be that as prices rise, some people would no longer be able to provide for the basic needs of their families, and widespread extreme hardship and starvation could result. Consequently, other methods for distributing the scarce food supplies are sought and foods are rationed. Other common examples where rationing takes place in times of crises are the limitations on how many bottles of drinking water or batteries any individual may purchase in the wake of a hurricane, flood, or earthquake; or how much gasoline one is able to purchase during an oil crisis. Similarly, the rotating stoppage of electricity, called rolling black-outs, in California in the summer of 2002 were a form of rationing in the face of a (man-made) energy crisis. In some instances, equity considerations lead to government provision of some services, even when there is no immediate crisis. This is, for example, the case in public education. The philosophy is that every member of society should be afforded a minimum level of education, regardless of one’s family income. Map of fiji 2016.

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