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Map of europe with cities for However, according to this explanation, we are genetically hard wired, based on millions of years of explicit cooperation as cave people, to recognize only this kind of mutual aid. Hence, the lack of appreciation for the price system. This is why it is so often breached by law, even in the United States, a country devoted to free enterprise and capitalism. [Editor’s Note: Since differential initial endowments of wealth have differential impact on prices, and hence on the menu of choices in the market, one may conclude, ever so grudgingly, a case for intervention premised on equity; such that the market pricing does not exclude entirely those who cannot afford basic necessities such as education and healthcare. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Walter Block, Private Roads, Competition, Automobile Insurance and Price Controls, Competitiveness Review (v.8/1, 1998); Walter Block, Professor Modigliani on price controls: the baleful influence of the perfectly competitive model, International Journal of Social Economics (v. Map of europe with cities 2016.

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