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Map of europe england for Workers were provided food and shelter and paid $30 monthly, of which they had to send home $25. Another early piece of legislation created the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) to provide cash payments to needy families, support charitable relief organizations like church-run soup kitchens, and offer work to destitute families. Eventually FERA’s work programs were offered through the Works Progress Administration and cash payments to the unemployed became unemployment insurance under the Social Security Act. One of the weakest sectors in the American economy was the agricultural sector, since it had not prospered during the 1920s when the industrial sector had expanded at an unprecedented rate. During the Depression farmers suffered from surplus production and low prices. To assist them, Congress passed the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) that paid farmers subsidies to leave some of their acreage fallow. Roosevelt hoped that reduced production would support higher prices and therefore stabilize farm income. Map of europe england 2016.

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