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Map of europe enchanted learning for Environmental priorities include reducing harmful emissions, improving air quality, and increasing the number of cars operable on low-fuel consumption. As for safety, Peugeot’s newest models feature a structural front-end resistance three times higher than the norm. A relatively new scope for Peugeot, and for the auto manufacturing industry as a whole, is the incorporation of the connected village approach into vehicles. Upcoming Peugeots will include such systems as assisted navigation, built-in mobile phones, message reception, and transmission services capabilities. This all leads to the company’s objective to boost annual sales volume to 3.5 million cars, 800,000 of which would be sold outside Europe. And that is why Peugeot is investing in two new large facilities”a manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic (opening date 2005) capable of producing 200,000 Peugeot Citro«n cars per year; and an assembly plant in central Europe (2006) with an annual capacity of 300,000 units. Map of europe enchanted learning 2016.

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