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Map of europe empty for However, while it is true to say that the Nikkei is the average price of 225 stocks traded on the first section of the TSE, it is different from a simple average in that the divisor is adjusted to maintain continuity and reduce the effect of external factors not directly related to the market. These 225 stocks represent 36 industry classifications at the heart of Japan’s economy. It was not until the postwar occupation of Japan that a recognizable share-exchange evolved, primarily as a means of destroying the economic power of the Zaibatsu” large, family-owned companies who controlled Japan’s pre-war economy. A formal structure for the TSE was established when the Japanese parliament passed the Securities and Exchange Law in 1948. While the name Nikkei Stock Average only came into being in May 1985, there has been a continuous TSE price average since 1950. Originally known as the Tokyo Stock Exchange Adjusted Stock Price Average, in July 1971, Nihon Short-wave Broadcasting (NSB) took over responsibility and began calculating and announcing what was now the NSB 225 Adjusted Average. On May 1, 1975, Dow Jones & Co granted exclusive rights to the name and Dow calculation method for the new Nikkei Dow Jones Stock Price Average. Map of europe empty 2016.

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