Map of europe early 1900s

Map of europe early 1900s for Countries with larger reserves and small populations, like Saudi Arabia, generally desire to increase production. They fear that higher prices will induce technological change and the development of new deposits, which in turn will reduce the price of oil. Countries that have lower reserves, or larger populations, prefer to reduce the supply. The reduced supply would increase the price on the world oil market, if the demand remains unchanged. Negotiations among the oil ministers of the member nations involve reinforcing common goals and reconciling these different interests. If the ideal operation of a cartel, as described above, is not followed, and that is what is meant by not functioning as a cartel, then OPEC is probably not functioning as a cartel fairly often. However, if the goal of maximizing the size of the profit pie is not enough to keep the cartel together, some members have religious and political ties that seem to provide the glue. Map of europe early 1900s 2016.

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