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Map of europe cities for ‘ I was perplexed. Was I still so bad? And why did Daniel keep telling me to make peace with God? Annoyed, I even asked him, How can I make peace with God, seeing that I am not at war with God and I know that He exists?’ He simply repeated himself, saying Make peace with God.’ Later I would learn that our Guardian Angels pray for us all the time, pleading before God on our behalf. They pray that we will change our heart and turn to God, making peace’ with Him after our rebellions. During all this time I continued to lead my usual life, painting canvases for the exhibition, socializing and playing tennis, but whenever I felt my Angel calling me, I rushed to listen to what he had to say. In time, I came to rely more and more on my relationship with my Angel, giving him more time, but I certainly wasn’t in the least prepared for a call from God Himself. I’d never heard that God talks to people, at least not to ordinary people, in our modern times. Map of europe cities 2016.

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