Map of europe and north africa

Map of europe and north africa for After that fiery trial my soul was at peace; thereafter nothing would agitate or affect me any more. Inside my mind and soul was only submission and acceptance. Realistically I had just gone through Hell’, but it was through that descent that the supernatural Fire melted my chains and shackles. Finally I had been set free! Liberated! Then, in that state of mind, still dazed, a sweet smelling Breath suddenly blew across my face, and I heard a Voice within me saying with tenderness, I am your Father and you descend from Me ? you come from Me ? you belong to Me ? you are Mine ? You are My seed ?’ Hearing these words I was blown away. There I was, in the blink of an eye, standing on the threshold of the Uncreated Light. God’s luminous Presence filled me, exploding through my entire being and uplifting my soul. The bright manifestation of God was far greater than anything I had ever experienced from Daniel. Map of europe and north africa 2016.

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