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Map of england countries for Quesnay became personal physician to King Louis XV of France in the early 1750s, and did not become interested in economics until a few years later. Shortly thereafter, he met the Marquis Mirabeau, who became Quesnay’s first follower. Quesnay’s own economic writings tended to be obscure. As Lionel Robbins said in his lectures at the London School of Economics, I find Quesnay almost intolerably difficult. You need a towel round your head to read Quesnay. Mirabeau, on the other hand, proved adept at popularizing Quesnay’s ideas: The ruminations of one seemingly harmless eccentric physician had now become a School of Thought, a force to be reckoned with. The main ideas of physiocracy can be seen partly as coming from Quesnay’s medical ideas and farming background, and partly as a reaction against the dominant economic doctrines in France at the time. Map of england countries 2016.

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