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Breaking Even

learning to cooperate as parents after their marriage is over. To do so is to lay the foundations of a relationship which may initially be difficult and restricted, but which has the potential to develop and flourish to meet the needs of the children as they grow older and face the future with the support of both parents.

Building Afresh: New Relationships and Partnerships

Splitting up and forming new partnerships, divorcing and marrying again, are now inextricably connected in our society; most of those who divorce eventually remarry or form new domestic partnerships, many within a very short time after splitting up. Generally, the longer a person remains unmarried after divorce, the less likely (s)he is to remarry at all. While some people who never remarry regret this very much – they would like to be part of a couple again but are unable to find suitable partners – others remain unmarried by choice.

On the face of it, we would expect newly separated or divorced people to be reluctant candidates for new partnerships; they have found marriage such a painful, destructive and embittering experience that they were prepared to submit themselves, and their children, to the further trials of separation and divorce. Why do people so often remarry, and what does it tell us about the particular joys, preoccupations and pitfalls of second partnerships?

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