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Map of El Campillo on One admirer was the British philosopher Bertrand Russell who, for a time, considered writing Hazlitt’s biography. Hired by Nation magazine to write hard-hitting essays on an assortment of subjects, Hazlitt stumbled on the subject of American economics, the direction it was taking, the changes, the basic laws of economics affecting the public. The more he researched it, the more convinced he became that government intervention was hurting the national public life. Spurred on by the social evils caused by the 1930s DEPRESSION, Hazlitt began attacking Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT’s presidency, particularly his NEW DEAL program. Despite warnings from the pro-Roosevelt Nation magazine, Hazlitt’s tirades didn’t cease. He was fired. Over the next couple of decades, Hazlitt’s left-wing views on the economy brought him in contact with others like him, who respected his openness on any conceivable topic. Map of El Campillo 2016.

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