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Map of Ehoala on Either way, the direct lenders to the public acquire more funds to make more mortgages. It is in this way that Fannie Mae, through the secondary market, makes housing more affordable for the American public. Fannie Mae is restricted by federal charter to buying residential mortgages within certain guidelines and limits. For example, the maximum limit for a one-family conventional loan that Fannie Mae was allowed to buy was, in 2003, $322, 700.

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Map Of Ehoala

The loan limits are adjusted annually to reflect current market conditions. It is also directed by Congress to increase the availability and affordability of homeownership for low- to middle-income families. In the multi-trillion dollar (of outstanding mortgage debt) HOUSING industry, Fannie Mae plays a large role, owning, or holding in trust, approximately 20 percent of all mortgages. Map of Ehoala 2016.

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