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Hey guys welcome back to my blog today is actually one of my last posts that is set in Egypt.

So I kind of wanted to break it down into parts, and use this post to let you know some of the things that made it such a amazing special trip for me this post is set in C where I ended up spending kind of a bit more time than I expected to. Because the buses don’t run back to Cairo every day for the first word that I would probably use to describe my time in Egypt would be adventure, and the example in this post would be that I went out into the Sahara Desert into the great sand sea on my way to the desert permission from the military before you actually enter the desert. So that’s what we’re doing now a good thing together permission. So basically the main thing is we’re letting them know we’re going out there. Because if we don’t let them know we’re going out there they might think we’re smugglers on the way to Libya, and the stories are that these smugglers some of them have got blown up in the sky. So, I’m quite glad for doing permission. So when people say is it safer it’s like it’s very safe it’s like being on an island, and if any boat comes anywhere near it it will get blown out of the water.

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So, I’m pretty safe Island just not safe for the smugglers smuggler it’s not a good career move at the moment me listen see him in the face mr. noon this is what I come here to be peace I feel very relaxed yeah successful day in the desert now we’ve just watched waste anyway obviously when you go to Egypt another thing is all of the history an example in this post would be that I went to the Temple of the Oracle this place has such an amazing story it’s just a little little bit outside see WA. But what’s really amazing is that Alexander the Great was right here he made a voyage here he was standing right here where I stood which I love it Alexander the Great study him. So this is just amazing for me right now Alexander the Great’s mother had told him that his true father was not Philip of Macedonia that his true father was a God the god Amun which is kind of the ancient Egyptian highest highest God at the time of Alexander the Great ancient Egypt was not gone. But it was less fernika, and more Greek now. So this God would have had this long kind of rich history behind him, and seemed kind of mythical people still worshipped him. But it was more of the past, and still very powerful.

But with this very rich long history it was thought that the God our Moon had a presence here, and would speak to people. So as people would make these long voyages out here into the middle of nowhere in the desert to come to the temple, and speak to almond Alexander the great walk through here he would have stopped stood right here to ask the God a question. Because the room right in front of me was blocked off this room was very very dark, I’ll go in now an Alexander wouldn’t have been in here he would have stood outside. So this room now it’s open. Because it’s in ruins. But originally had a feeling it was very very dark, and people could see nothing in here. But they had little windows small windows this are not how it looked then small windows here let in these very very sharp slants of light, and it was designed.

So that it would illuminate the Statue of Allman’s face it would appear to be magical. Because it in the middle of this very dark room, and there’s just randomly light on the gods face there was originally a big statue mom in here it has now been taken. So the light would be on the gods face people would think he’s about to speak they would ask a question, and then, I’m here no one could see it. But up there is a little alcove where the priests would be sitting, and they would hear the people’s questions, and answer, and they believed that they were the voice of Amun. So it wasn’t really in their minds a trick it was more we are the voice of the gods a moon is telling us what to say, and we are answering the people’s questions. So Alexander the Great made a big voyage here stood right here stood where, I’m standing right now, and face this way asked on moon am I truly your son am I the son of God, and it was kind of a turning point for him very special very meaningful, I’m going through a tunnel here now yeah it’s amazing to stand where Alexander the Great instead beyond the Temple of the Oracle are other ruins of civilizations the dur bit later than that time period a mosque there later on in history, and there was a village civilization here see one with the mud bricks like in town this is Muhammad with me at the Oracle hi delayed hello what would you ask the Oracle I just want peace yeah amen man you say either men Yzerman these people get nice that’s so so good of you I don’t know what I would ask it’s really hard at least Alexander came here with a question he knew what he was about huh yeah I wonder if people would come here in the ancient times, and make all this effort to come here to get to the God, and ask him one question, and then they’d get here, and think what do I ask maybe maybe yeah well amazing place thanks for showing me, and I guess we go back to the town now to have some tea okay OSD there are all of these tunnels underneath me right now that go miles, and miles away, and now they are closed can archeologists go there even now.

Because see well has so much water in excess of water the tunnels are most likely filled with water anyway. But even if they weren’t they are completely closed off by the government no one is allowed to go in them it just is amazing all these things that you hear. Because you just realize how many secrets Egypt has I mean just a week or two ago they discovered this enormous room the size of an airplane inside the Great Pyramid just now you eat it is just. So many stories and. So many secrets we don’t even probably know all of them being at the Oracle kind of leads me to another point that it’s a bit hard to put into just one word. But that would be just the sense of disguise, and exploration there’s just so much mystery still in Egypt I still always feel like there’s more to be discovered even studying the history, and even now being there I do feel like there is so much more of Egypt less to explore, and learn about it’s almost like you can never see all of it always more history to uncover, and that’s exciting. Because it makes you want to go back another thing that I would say will probably happen to you if you go to Egypt is that you will make a lot of friends I made.

So many friends, and Egypt local friends it was always really really easy to meet people in Egypt going to go out walk around see well a little bit hello these kids calling hello to me a bunch of times a big part of the culture is to always be having tea together everybody would just invite me to have tea with them all the time even if they didn’t know me tea was so good thank you she’ll cut for the tea bye apparently I’ve been told that the shopkeepers here in C wah just go from each other’s shop to each other shop having tea, and they kind of forget about selling stuff which completely makes sense. Because, I’m always wandering into shops, and I never see anybody. So that’s why they’re all just drinking tea, and forgetting about work which is great thank you for the tea you’re welcome welcome to see what we try to help them that’s good no doubt their business away with the low country maybe, I’ll see you again yeah Ciao Bella it’s better when t he offered to make it for me my name is Mohammed goes you want to be in the post hi you guys have to wait right now everybody wants to do a selfie with me they’re getting ready it’s a little old-fashioned getting ready right now with the perfect shawl they’re almost ready Oh Doug what what’s going on I didn’t know they had to be in such fashion another thing that I really loved about Egypt was I felt like it was impossible to be bored. Because even just walking down the street you’re gonna see. So many interesting things gonna just walk around the town a little bit it’s so lively, and everything is so interesting at night here is somebody’s donkey parked outside the store whatever I point my camera odd is interesting.

So can’t really go wrong I stopped at this place where they were making bread it was just beautiful the way that they made the Brad the guy I thought it was a little bit funny that I wanted to post him just making bread. But he was okay with it or I got invited into this guy’s shop he was a blacksmith, and it was just absolutely beautiful like something out of a movie this guy is so nice he just invited me into his shop it’s just beautiful why he’s doing his shopping up fleek gorgeous to come this is just normal everyday life you don’t have to go on this big adventure like the desert tour to just have an amazing day out exploring a nice evening glimpse back there I made out of salt such a great day to day just walking around the town seeing everything, and having a lot of tea with a lot of people that I’ve never met before today, and now we’re suddenly all fronts that’s kind of the way here it seems ah it is cold go to bed now this is one of my last Egypt posts. So I was feeling sentimental, and I decided to kind of talk a little bit about why exactly I loved it there, and why Egypt has become my number one favorite country thank you guys so much for reading, and I will see you in Egypt, and then somewhere else in the world.

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