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Map of Echirolles on Economic downturns in developed countries increase the rigidity of debt servicing, thus there is more austerity for the indebted, less forgiveness of the poorest indebted countries, and growing transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. Reactions to the consequences of globalization. The articulated and rational critique of the consequences of the international political economy dominated by rules favorable to mobile capital and free enterprise (or no rules), have been around since the first radical challengers to capitalism in the 19th century. But the late 20th-century developments, perhaps fueled by the absence of working alternatives to democratic capitalism, have turned sporadic and unconnected protests into worldwide protests. Demonstrators shadow the industrial giants, the G-8, at international finance meetings regarding the WTO, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, NAFTA, and the Free Trade Act of the Americas often in proximity to the IMF and World Bank institutions, organized by new and grassroots-accessible communication tools such as the internet. The effective organization of worldwide critics of the multilateral agreement on investment by Australian and Canadian net workers, brought a premature end to an agreement which would have benefited international investors protected by secret processes that seemed to give more rights to corporations than to citizens. The growing perception that the rules and institutions of the global economy have lost their legitimacy, globalization 347 has led to a number of trends as we move into the 21st century. Map of Echirolles 2016.

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