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Map of eastern us for Eventually, in 1744, he obtained a degree in medicine. In 1749, he was appointed as personal physician to Madame de Pompadour, the intelligent and powerful mistress of Louis XV. He resided in the palace at Versailles and became one of the court physicians for the sovereign himself. In 1750, Quesnay met Vincent de Gournay, who is credited with coining the now-famous phrase LAISSEZ FAIRE, and he became more interested in economics than medicine. Quesnay published his first writing on economics in 1756 and 1757, two articles for the Encyclopedie in which he advanced the idea that agriculture had a unique capacity to produce a surplus, which he called the produit net. His famous Tableau conomique, which may well be the most celebrated single page in economics, was originally constructed for the king in 1758. The Tableau was a vivid graphic depiction of the interdependence of three interacting sectors of an economy. Map of eastern us 2016.

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