Map of Dundaga

Map of Dundaga for The aim of the FSA was to provide federal aid to small and tenant farmers. From the beginning of FDR’s efforts to deal with the Great Depression in 1933 until the summer of 1937, the American economy improved each year and considerable progress was achieved in reducing unemployment. However, in the summer of 1937 the American economy went into a deep recession, caused by a dramatic drop in consumption. In order to maintain a balanced federal budget while funding new programs like Social Security, Roosevelt had reduced funding to older programs like WPA, which provided income to many people. So, when people were dropped from the program they restricted their spending. In 1938, the last of the major New Deal legislation became law with the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act. This law set a minimum wage of 40 cents an hour and a 40-hour work week for any company engaged in interstate commerce. Map of Dundaga 2016.

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