Map of Domevre-sur-Aviere

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This is an inherited abnormality in which the femur bone is displaced in varying degrees from the hip socket due to the improper formation of the ball and socket joints between the back legs. It can cause extreme pain and has been found in over 40 breeds of dogs. A full discussion of the condition can be found in Chapter 18.

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Adjustment to Parenthood together, to cooperate and coordinate their efforts to provide care for children. The quality of the marriage predicted the coparenting alliance parents would build after the baby came, coparenting is more than a measure of marital adjustment. It is a measure of parents ability to plan and coordinate efforts to care for their children. The researchers did find that some couples were able to build a coparenting alliance even though they were experiencing difficulties in their marriages. They did this by attending to their partners perceptions, feelings, and desires and tried to coordinate their child-rearing efforts with those of their partners.

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