Map of Dolni Lipka


Beaten to Death Memory of Nations Sites

Map of Dolni Lipka Photo Gallery

781 529-3, Vlask u2013 Podles­, Mn 82000 (Hanuovice u2013 Doln­ Lipka …

She found a job as a croupier in a night club: She started to work in the evening, six nights a week. She had to be there half-past eightish and I was going to see people in the day-time so what used to happen is, I would stay home till lunch, at which time she would get up, then I would leave the house. With a bit of luck I might be home for tea, but it was very rare.

We didn’t see each other apart from one night a week and that one night she wanted taking out; she wanted to be wined and dined and then on to a night club … Many’s the time I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of the main act just absolutely knackered, couldn’t cope, you know,… with working all day up till halfpast eight … That was the beginning of the end then because

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