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Allergic reactions in the dog can be caused by various foods; by certain insects; by vegetation and pollens; and by hundreds of different agents, such as house dust, floor polishes, woolen articles, nylon rugs, chicken feathers, cat hair, and tobacco.

A recent major breakthrough in veterinary medical research has produced tests for determining causes of allergic reactions and has developed protective antigens. When an allergy is suspected, skin areas are shaved, tests are made, and within 48 to 72 hours the veterinarian can read the results. When an allergy test is positive, it is correlated with the dog’s history, surroundings, habits, care, and food; and usually by removing the cause, fast recovery is initiated. If the cause is ever-present, the dog can be vaccinated to desensitize him to the object(s) (there can be more than one irritant) he’s allergic to. Dogs allergic to trees, grasses, pollens, etcetera, will have seasonal reactions.

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