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I think now, I was trying to put off making any decision until the summer holidays, so when my husband just came out and asked me whether I was having an affair, I didn’t know what to say. I denied it straight away, but somehow we both knew I was lying and I told him a couple of days later. He took some leave from work and when he came back he issued this sort of ultimatum. Either I left home straight away or he would tell my parents – who are very straight-laced – and the head teacher of the school where I worked then. I hated him so much for that it gave me the strength to pack a few things and go. I went straight over to Derek’s. Of course he was overjoyed.

Although she returned home for a short period some months later, they drd eventually divorce, but when she looks back on that time she still seems rather ashamed and ill at ease about what happened.

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